Porcelain Stoneware Floor Tiles

Blustyleceramica - ARBOREA

ARBOREAL'anima del legno

The inspiration for Arborea comes from the most classic and elegant wood essence, comes in 5 different color, in a new format and a new surface finish. The high number of graphic patterns combinations, achieved by adopting HD digital technology, combined with the use of innovative dies, especially designed by the Panariagroup Research Centre, will allow you to perfectly combine the natural beauty of wood with the resistance of the best quality porcelain stoneware.

Blustyleceramica - BARRIQUE

BARRIQUEExcellent Réserve

The Barrique series is a search for the authentic expression of wood, Oak, Walnut, Spruce, Larch, a blend of the most precious kinds of wood.

A journey into the culture of Wine, from the magic of transforming grapes into wine, to the intense fragrance of wine cellars, up to the beauty of noble vineyards.

Touch the live and rustic wood of barriques, full of history and passion.

Blustyleceramica - BOURGOGNE

BOURGOGNEL'Elegance de la tradition

Amongst the typical natural stone of France, there is a stone characterised by particularly original colours and an astonishing texture. Blustyle Ceramica has captured these unique features to offer you the Bourgogne Porcelain Stoneware collection. The perfect reproduction of the reflections of this particular, noble and unique stone is one of the most striking features. These tiles will illuminate your home with a touch of Summer colour.

Blustyleceramica - CONCRETE JUNGLE


Modern cities come from concrete because it has made any kind of building possible. Thanks to its use, we live in larger and safer places.Great contemporary architecture, from the works of Le Corbusier to those of the architects of today, has been created using this adaptable and resistant material.Following extensive research on the industrial spaces that surround us, we have created the CONCRETE JUNGLE series, versatile porcelain stoneware with the essential tones of urban concrete.A technical product with a great appeal, characterised by original patterns and by two particularly attractive finishes offering a truly contemporary mood that is ideal for any environment.

Blustyleceramica - GEOTECH

GEOTECHNatural Limestone

GEOTECH is inspired by stone coming from the quarries of Buxy, in eastern France. Four colours offered with two finishes: a matt and soft and a lapped and glossy version.  Produced using innovative HD digital technology, Geotech enhances the contemporary appeal of the most refined natural stone.

Blustyleceramica - HABITAT

HABITATLife in the future

Modern environments and concrete surfaces are the inspiration of the Habitat series of the Blustyle Ceramica Catalogue. This collection of Porcelain Stoneware is ideal for homes but also for other environments. These tiles have the right features to create uncommon solutions to fulfil the most diverse requirements.

Blustyleceramica - QUARZITE

QUARZITENel cuore della materia

Inspiration for Quarzite comes from prestigious Quarzite stones of Barge caves.Four colors ANTARES  DORADO  SIRIO  ORION are available in three sizes and two surface finishes: Indoor is rectified with a gentle shade variation together with a satin reflection for a contemporary and elegant space; Outdoor hai antislip surface of split stone combined with a versatile and modular graphic. Quarzite, an extraordinary stone rich in quartz and with a shining beauty.

Blustyleceramica - SANDSTONE

SANDSTONETechnology & Colors

If sand is your element and if you love feeling its texture under your feet, this series by Blustyle Ceramica is for you. This Porcelain Stoneware collection is the result of research conducted on the structure and tones of the sand dunes of North America, and of the use of the Ink-Jet decorating technology to obtain an infinite range of tones. An innovative technique that has been successfully adopted by Blustyle Ceramica.

Blustyleceramica - TOSCANA

TOSCANAThe Italian style

Blustyle Ceramica dedicates this series to the lovers of rustic and aged tones.
The structured surface of these tiles recalls the typical appearance of pieces manufactured in ancient kilns but offers the practicality and technical performance of Porcelain Stoneware.
Three colours: the red of "Camaldoli", which is inspired by the typical terracotta of Tuscany, the mustard yellow of "Camaiore", inspired by the colour of light clay and finally the ochre-pomegranate of "Capalbio" recalling the tones of Renaissance ceramics.